Stress and depression are frequent uninvited visitors over the Christmas season. And that makes sense.

The duties around the holidays can be overwhelming just a few examples include cooking meals, shopping, baking, cleaning, and entertaining.

(COVID-19) is spreading in your neighbourhood,

you can be under extra stress or worried about the health of you and your loved ones.

Due to the possibility that the COVID-19 pandemic will alter your holiday plans, you can also experience tension, sadness, or anxiety.

However, you may reduce the stress that comes with the holidays by following some useful advice.

In the end, you might find that you enjoy the holidays more than you anticipated.

Dealing with difficult family members over the holidays

It’s the mo st delightful time of the year, unless you have challenging relatives, in which case you can practically cue the mayhem.

Every family has disagreements now and again, but in general, happy, healthy ones are able to resolve their differences amicably, exten d forgiveness, and move on while keeping everyone’s happiness as a priority.

While some families are out having fun, celebrating Christmas together, others are growing more anxious, apprehensive, and dreadful as the holidays approach.

These “special” indi viduals consistently tend to say or do things that cause conflict in their own special way. They belittle or aggravate other people, manipulate others so that they are the centre of attention, show up late and expect everybody to wait patiently, or they ar e just never content or happy with anything at all.

Nothing is ever their fault, they constantly act like the victim, and everyone is against them. Alternatively, they may be highly sensitive, have a short fuse, and snap at the smallest provocation, which is frequently unintentional… The list is endless. It’s draining.

Staying hidden until after the holidays may appear to be the most appealing course of action if you happen to be a member of a family that includes these kinds of toxic people, but doing so means you’ll overlook out on the joy of spending time to yourother relatives and you risk disappointing and hurting them unintentionally.

Not exactly a deal that makes you feel good or symbolises the spirit of Christmas, is it?

Try one of the following coping mechanisms to maintain the peace while also maintaining your sanity, if you’re coping with minor family squabbles or outright poisonous people.

How to avoid depression and stress during the holidays?

It’s challenging to pause and regroup when stress levels are at their highest. Particularly if the holidays have in the past caused you emotional harm, try to avoid stress and depression in the first place.

Recognize your emotions

Be realistic

Maintain a budget

Say no more often

Take a moment to pause