Mindfulness, The practice of meditation, is a form of mental exercise that can assist you in regaining control of your thoughts, calming your mind and body, and letting go of unfavourable feelings. It is a mental state that entails being present in “the now” to accept and enjoy your ideas, emotions, and feelings without passing judgement, and it blends meditation with mindfulness

How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation

How to Practice Mindfulness

Meditation Even while practising mindfulness meditation on your own is not very difficult, working with a teacher or participating in a guided meditation programme when beginning a meditation practice to improve one’s health is often beneficial. The following are some simple steps that will get you starte d on your own.
● Get Comfortable Find an excellent, pleasant location.
It would help if you sat on a chair or the floor with your head, back, and neck erect but without being rigid. It will also help you concentrate if you wear comfortable clothing that is l oose fitting.

● Take Note of Your Thoughts In this practice,

the goal is not to stop thinking but to become more comfortable with the role of “witness” to one’s thoughts. It is essential not to ignore or repress any thoughts that come to mind. Instead, show them that you acknowledge them.

Please pay attention to them, maintain your composure, and use your breathing as a power that helps you centre yourself.

Observe how your thoughts float by as they shift and evolve before your eyes, like clouds moving throu gh the sky. While you are meditating, you can decide for yourself how many times you will repeat this phrase.

● Focus on Breathing While breathing,

pay close attention to the feeling of air entering and leaving your body. You’ll feel the rise and fall of your abdomen as air travels in and out of your nostrils, creating that sensation. Pay attention to how the temperature shifts between the inhaled and exhaled portions of the breath.
Impact of Mindfulness Meditation Your physical and mental wellbeing will im prove if you regularly practice mindfulness meditation. Some of these include the following Helps with wellbeing.  

Helps with wellbeing. Enhances one’s physical wellness. Improves mental health. Conclusion Even though it may be challenging to start a mindfulness meditation practice, it is essential to remember that even a little session practised each day can be beneficial. There is significant value in being present for even a brief period. You can always look back to it when it’s essential, even if you don’t practise it daily.

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